Group Photos


Company A


Company A, officers identified in Book 2

Co F group cospercollection

Company F, above. Some officers identified in Book 2.


Co. F colored

Company H, above, colored.

B-292 Company H, 44th Indiana Infantry 524711

Company H, above (men identified in Book 2)

Co H Giggy sepia

Company H, above alternate pose


Unidentified Company, but identified at the top as belonging to the 44th Indiana, pose 6. Note 1: First Sergeant at the left hand side. Note 2: also see man, almost in center of picture, kneeling in front of the flag with his hat tilted back on his head. Note 3:  notice the sergeant standing almost squarely in the center of the picture to the right of the flag.

LandscapeUnidentified Company, pose 7. Note 1: the same First Sergeant as in pose 6 on far left hand side (second man in). Note 2: the same man is just to the left of the tree (5th man in). Note 3: the same man is 3rd from the end right side of the photo. Note 4: notice the man showing through the fork in the tree.


7172352901_2211047afd_h or pose 8
Unidentified Company, pose 8, above. Note 1: First Sergeant on left side of photo takes the same stance as the First Sergeant in poses 6 and 7. Note 2: the man in front of the First Sergeant is the same man that was sitting in the middle of pose 6 and by the tree in pose 7. Note 3: the sergeant who was standing in the middle of pose 6 is the same as the sergeant at the right hand side of pose 8. Note 4: the same man is standing to the left of the First Sergeant with his arms folded.


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