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  • The Iron Men of Indiana’s 44th Regiment, Part 1:  Biographies and Regimental Statistics.  Short biographies of the 2,012 men who served, including those who transferred in from the 68th and 72nd Indiana at the end of the war.  43 graphs/charts and 10 tables provide regimental statistics covering the regiment’s composition, muster-in dates, place of residence, nativity, marital status, physical description, service record, illiteracy, courts-martial, commanders and staff, place of death and other items of interest to civil war aficionados, genealogists and family historians. This 404-page book is fully indexed and footnoted and includes alternate name spellings. $35

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  • The Iron Men of Indiana’s 44th Regiment, Part 2: Formation and Photos. When the call came out in 1861 for volunteers to fight in the Civil War, northeast Indiana was ready. The recruited men were mustered in at Camp Allen in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on November 22, 1861.  This book picks up where part 1 leaves off with additional information on the staff and officers. The formation of each company is described along with the company officers and contains over 250 photos of the men. There are letters and diaries telling about their days in Indiana and Kentucky and the preparations for battle. The Appendix contains the complete courts-martial transcripts for over 60 cases. Covering 422 pages, it is fully indexed and footnoted. $35

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  • The Iron Men of Indiana’s 44th Regiment, Part 3:  Battles and Provost Duty.  This 585-page book is part three of a three-part series and follows The Iron Men of Indiana’s 44th Regiment, Part 1: Biographies and Regimental Statistics and The Voice of Indiana’s 44th Regiment, Part 2: Formation and Photos. Part 3 is an intimate, firsthand account in the citizen-soldiers’ uncensored words, including those offensive to our modern ear, drawn from letters, diaries, newspaper accounts, military reports, memoirs, and out-of-copyright books covering the Battles of Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Stones River and Chickamauga. It then follows the soldiers into their Provost Marshal duties in Chattanooga. Organizational charts and statistics for each battle are included in the Appendix. Fully indexed and footnoted. $35